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What do Universal Credits mean for you

Universal Credit is a new type of support that is replacing six benefits including Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit. With this new support there are a number of changes landlords need to know about if they have tenants who are on Housing Benefit. At AMCO lettings and property management Manchester we want to ensure you know the ins and ours of this new benefit as it changes the relationship between tenants and landlords and the way rent is paid.

Throughout Manchester, as with the rest of the country, Universal Credits will be paid monthly and the Housing Support portion will be paid directly to tenants, meaning they will be responsible for making and maintaining rent payments. Universal Credits also keep paying tenants as they gain employment simply reducing their credit amount as they earn more through employment meaning a smooth monetary transition that should mean there is no knock on effect for tenants paying rent as their support does not stop abruptly when they start a new job.

More information is outlined on the website, be sure to check through the information provided here as these guides explain what Universal Credit means for landlords, local authorities and tenants.

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