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There are 24,000 coffee shops in Britain with news ones opening at a rate of 3 a day!

By contrast pubs are closing at a rate of 20 a week – there are now around 50,000 pubs in Britain.


AMCO can offer pubs which have substantial capital value and can be a tremendous cash cow when converted and asset managed with our proven methods.

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Good News for Gas Safety Renewals

At the moment we make sure gas safety renewals are done in a timely fashion to ensure compliance. Sometimes this may be up to a month or even more prior to renewal . Over the years this would bring the date earlier and earlier so the landlord will lose out over the years. But it would seem a small price to pay, rather than run the risk of not having the certificate in place.

Now there is a small change on the horizon. Subject to parliamentary approval landlords will now be able to carry out the compulsory checks any time in the two months leading up to the renewal date – while still retaining the existing date for the following year. (much like your MOT renewal)

In practice this means that, were your check due on May 31 for example, the check could be carried out any time in April or May, while still retain the May 31 renewal date for the following year.

This means landlords won’t be penalised for sorting out inspections sooner rather than later as well as giving them greater flexibility with dates if inspectors are in high demand, or if they are struggling to get access to the property – without shortening the overall inspection period.

The old adage springs to mind ‘If you look after the pennies the pounds look after themselves!’

You can now make payments online!

Our online payment service makes it convenient and easy for you to make your rent payments.

Our online service is available 24/7! Meaning there is no need to pop in to the office or send a cheque, you can now pay online at a time that suits you!

Simply follow the link below to make your payment today:

Up and up – Average asking prices in big monthly jump, says Rightmove

Asking prices of property new to the market have jumped an average of 1.3% this month, Rightmove reported this morning.

The monthly rise, which equates to an average of £3,877, is the same as March last year, when there was a buying spree fuelled by the impending rise in Stamp Duty on the purchase of second homes.

There has only been one bigger monthly rise in asking prices in March, and that was in 2007.

The average new asking price is now £310,108.

In the past year house prices in Manchester were 6% up on the year before and 12% up on 2007 when they averaged at £152,675.

The regions with the fastest rate of asking price acceleration are the east and west midlands, followed by the east of England.
New asking prices went up in Greater London by less than 1% on a monthly basis, and dropped in both Wales and the north-east.

Average time to sell is currently 71 days and average stock per branch is 52, including those properties sold subject to contract or under offer.

Amco’s average time to sell calculated since May 2016, is currently 67 days.

New bill for tenants helping to fight homelessness

New Bill set to change the moment that private tenants become homeless

A new Bill aimed at reducing homelessness has been published.

If passed, it would mean that private tenants will not have to wait for forcible eviction by bailiffs before being accepted as homeless by local councils. A notice of eviction would suffice.

The Homeless Reduction Bill has been tabled by Tory MP Bob Blackman, a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee.

The Committee earlier this month said it was horrified by the way some people faced with homelessness were treated by local councils – some being sent away with nothing more than a list of local letting agents.

The Bill includes measures to help councils intervene earlier to prevent people from becoming homeless.

It seeks to amend the Housing Act 1996 by:

  • Providing that eviction notices are proof that an applicant is threatened with homelessness
  • Doubling the definition of ‘threatened with homelessness’ from 28 to 56 days

The CLG committee, of which Hunters founder Kevin Hollinrake MP is a member, will now undertake a pre-legislative inquiry to examine whether the Bill will achieve its aims of reducing levels of homelessness.

Richard Lambert, CEO at the National Landlords Association, said: “When faced with eviction, many tenants are advised by councils to remain in a property until forcibly evicted by bailiffs, thus making them homeless and eligible for social housing.

“The NLA has consistently warned that putting vulnerable households in this position puts an unnecessary strain on tenants, private landlords, and the courts service.

“As a result, landlords may become less likely to let property to those most in need.

“By ensuring that councils accept eviction notices as evidence of homelessness, this Bill will take the strain off over-stretched courts, ensure that tenants are properly supported by their local councils, and provide landlords with the confidence they need to let their property out to more vulnerable tenants.”

The full Bill is here


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What Does Stamp Duty Land Tax Mean For Rental Yields

How will the new stamp duty charges affect buy to let and what does this mean for rental yields?

The new tiered system of Stamp Duty Land Tax chargeable on buy-to-let properties or second homes means that landlords now have to pay an additional 3% premium on their property purchases from April 2016 on all properties over £40,000.

Whilst this is a significant jump, many believe it will not deter investors as those who have the money to invest will always choose property as the top investment asset, no matter the unavoidable ancillary costs involved, which is why demand for property investment will continue even in the wake of these stamp duty changes.

That said, it is expected that rents will rise though to counteract this new stamp duty surcharge.

A survey conducted by flat-share website showed that a massive 45% of current landlords plan to raise the rent in their buy-to-let property, with 18% of those saying they will raise their rent by more than 3%.

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Right to Rent Checks 2016

Right to Rent Checks 1st February 2016


property to rent in manchester

A quick reminder regarding Right to Rent checks. From the first February 2016 you or your appointed representative should be completing these checks.

These need to be completed for any tenancy starting on or after the February 1 2016. Landlords and agents must check the immigration status of any adult renting their property to ensure they have a right to rent in the UK. Landlords in England must carry out the checks in the days leading up to the start of the tenancy and not after a new tenant takes up residence. As the  necessary documents will need to be produced, verified and copied you should be completing these checks now.

If a landlord is found to be renting to people with no legal right to live in the UK a fine of up to £3,000 per illegal occupier can be imposed. The original documents must be seen in the presence of the holder of that document and copies must be retained. Responsibility for the checks can be passed to letting agents, but this needs to be a written agreement with the agent or a landlord  can still be considered responsible.

For more information on Right to Rent, including details of which documents are acceptable as proof of identification please see  right-to-rent-documents and document detail

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Have you seen our new van on the streets of Greater Manchester?

Lettings and property management

Property Lettings Manchester

Property Management Manchester

lettings and Management Manchester

 Investing money in new vehicles means faster responses when you need us most, as part of our lettings and property management service we aim to maintain a high level of care to properties and reassurance to both landlords and tenants that no matter what the issue we are there to help in no time.

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Happy Holidays! From AMCO Lettings & Property Management

Happy Holidays! From AMCO Lettings & Property Management

Maintenance Manager Sean Senior enjoying his Christmas gift courtesy of AMCO Management

2015-12-17 16.52.44

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What do Universal Credits mean for you

Universal Credit is a new type of support that is replacing six benefits including Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit. With this new support there are a number of changes landlords need to know about if they have tenants who are on Housing Benefit. At AMCO lettings and property management Manchester we want to ensure you know the ins and ours of this new benefit as it changes the relationship between tenants and landlords and the way rent is paid.

Throughout Manchester, as with the rest of the country, Universal Credits will be paid monthly and the Housing Support portion will be paid directly to tenants, meaning they will be responsible for making and maintaining rent payments. Universal Credits also keep paying tenants as they gain employment simply reducing their credit amount as they earn more through employment meaning a smooth monetary transition that should mean there is no knock on effect for tenants paying rent as their support does not stop abruptly when they start a new job.

More information is outlined on the website, be sure to check through the information provided here as these guides explain what Universal Credit means for landlords, local authorities and tenants.

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Rogue Landlord Consultation

Rogue Landlord Consultation Outcome Released

More than 600 responses were given to the document, including one from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).

The technical discussion paper was launched in August this year. It set out a series of questions on various measures designed to combat the worst offenders in the lettings industry. Questions included how to tackle rogue landlords and dealing with abandoned properties.

Some of its key findings are:

  • 85% of respondents think that data held by tenancy deposit protection schemes should be made available to local authorities.
  • 95% believe that there should be a blacklist of persistent rogue landlords and letting agents.
  • 82% agree that additional criteria should be added to the fit and proper persons test for licensed properties, such as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).
  • 85% think that Rent Repayment Orders should be introduced for situations when a tenant has been illegally evicted.
  • 51% believe that a proposed new process for dealing with abandoned properties would be effective. This is when a tenant disappears without reason.

Some of the measures proposed in the technical discussion document have been included as provisions in the new Housing and Planning Bill, which has passed its second reading in the House of Commons.

Chairman of ARLA, David Cox, spoke at the Public Bill Committee last week to give further evidence on behalf of ARLA members.

Of banning orders, he said: “Sales agents can already be banned under the Estate Agent Act 1979, but it’s about time that the lettings sector followed suit. The easiest solution would be to add a section to the Housing and Planning Bill, which follows a similar structure as that already provided for estate agents in the 1979 act.

“However, it’s important that the banning order is placed on individual agents, not on a company or agency, and if banned as an estate agent you should be banned as a letting agent too and visa versa.”

You can read more here & here

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