Good News for Gas Safety Renewals

At the moment we make sure gas safety renewals are done in a timely fashion to ensure compliance. Sometimes this may be up to a month or even more prior to renewal . Over the years this would bring the date earlier and earlier so the landlord will lose out over the years. But it would seem a small price to pay, rather than run the risk of not having the certificate in place.

Now there is a small change on the horizon. Subject to parliamentary approval landlords will now be able to carry out the compulsory checks any time in the two months leading up to the renewal date – while still retaining the existing date for the following year. (much like your MOT renewal)

In practice this means that, were your check due on May 31 for example, the check could be carried out any time in April or May, while still retain the May 31 renewal date for the following year.

This means landlords won’t be penalised for sorting out inspections sooner rather than later as well as giving them greater flexibility with dates if inspectors are in high demand, or if they are struggling to get access to the property – without shortening the overall inspection period.

The old adage springs to mind ‘If you look after the pennies the pounds look after themselves!’